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Customise the function bar

Click on the icons in the top right-hand corner of the Bp Event window to customise your view.

  1. Click on Taskleiste Unten 48 bottom or  Taskleiste Oben 48 top, to move the function bar to the preferred position within the window.
  2. For more options, click on Ereignis Kalender 48 Custom settings for function bar.
  3. Create your own Favoriten 48 User favourites tab for the functions you use most frequently. Just drag-and-drop any function into the right-hand User favourites window. The new tab will appear left of all other tabs right next to the Quickpicks options.
  4. If your screen space is limited, hide the icon labels  or auto-hide/unhide the function bar on mouseover.
  5. Other options for maximising screen space include Hiding the menu bar, using smaller icons and using the full screen mode.
  6. The info panes for Holidays/Special Events* and Reminders can be set to open automatically on login.

Use Quickpicks

The Quickpicks offer immediate access to important data without clicking through functions and options.

  1. Leftclick to open the E Mail Eingang 48 Email or Nachrichten 48 Internal Messages inboxes. The number of unread messages shows right next to the icon.
  2. Collect your personal Verzeichnis Favoriten 48 User favourites - database records, directories, documents or websites you need to access on a regular basis in one handy list. Add Neuanlage New favourites at any time.
  3. Open the InfoCenter 48 Info Centre to see the Calendar and Follow-ups in your preferred view.
  4. Add More ... tabs to the InfoCenter 48 Info Center for other Calendar views, lists, documents or websites.
  5. Access user-defined Info Centre-Lists by clicking on the triangle pointer InfoCenter 48 expand .
  6. See a list of Ereignis Kalender 48 Holidays/Special Events* in your location.
  7. All due Erinnerung 48 Reminders appear in one pane which remains open and on top of the screen until closed actively. It can also be moved and pinned to one place on the screen.

Customise user options

Go to the Einstellungen 48 Options tab to set user preferences.

  1. Under Einstellungen 48 Settings, select your own preferences for such things as saving options, confirmation prompts, tooltips and spell checks.
  2. Enter your personal Start screen image if you like.

Remember decisions

Some confirmation prompts or user decisions can be saved and remembered for future reference. It is also possible to change these decisions or reset the default.

  1. Go to Einstellungen 48 Options > Ausgeblendente Meldungen Hidden messages.
  2. Go to Hideable messages to show all options which can be decided on a general basis. Open the message and select your preferred decision.
  3. Save this decision either for all users or for yourself.
  4. To reverse a decision, first find the message under User settings or Company settings.
  5. Either opt to show the message and decision again by clicking on Restore default, or select Show message to set default and select a new default action.

Select a delegate*²

  1. Go to Einstellungen 48 Options > Vertreter Delegation > Neuanlage New.
  2. Enter the name of both Delegator and Delegate or Group of delegates. Wenn Sie dazu berechtigt sind, können Sie so auch für andere Mitarbeiter Vertreter anlegen.
  3. Enter a date range for the period of delegation.
  4. Authorise the delegate to access your confidential data, emails or internal messages.
  5. Tick the box to Notify the delegate of their status at login.

* Holidays/Special Events module
*²Multi-Users module