Tutorials 2020 / 2021

Tutorial 3

Placing an Order with a Supplier



Level: Beginners
Duration: 30 to 40 min
The exercise can be saved and paused at any time.

Start Bp Event and log in as

User: Carolin

Password: cf

Carolin Fine works in the Banqueting Department and has been asked to order flowers for a regular customer, Mrs. Margaret Hall, who will also receive the invoice.

Aims and learning outcomes:

  1. Create a new account including a contact person
  2. Use a letter template
  3. Insert an address from the clipboard
  4. Send an order by email

Aim 1  Create a new account

You will learn how to create a new account for a supplier, add a contact person and apply the account category "supplier".

Carolin has the following address:

Name: Colleen's Flowers
Street: 5A Seagull View
City: The Laythe
Postcode: Y54 A677
Phone: 05341 6773045
Fax: 05341 6773047
Contact: Colleen McKenna

1. Create a new supplier account

  1. Go to Basis HomeAdresse Accountsexpandneu New.
  2. Enter the details given above in the appropriate fields. Tooltips will show on mouseover.
  3. Under Account categories, tick Supplier.

2. Create a new contact person

  1. On the Ansprechpartner Contacts tab at the bottom of the input window, left-click neu New.
  2. Tick the box in the first column to mark as primary contact for this account.
  3. Enter Colleen McKenna's details in the appropriate columns.
  4. Left-click Speichern Save in the left-hand corner of the input window to save your data.

A3 S1 Adressneuanlage

Aim 2  Create an order

You will learn how to select and adapt a letter template.

1. Create a new letter

  1. The newly created account is still open.
  2. Left-click Neu Aus New in the horizontal toolbar and select  Briefe MailAnsprechpartner Mrs Colleen McKennaBriefvorlagen Flower order. The input window for a new mail will open.
  3. Enter as Subject „Flower order for Mrs. Margaret Hall“.
  4. Complete the information by adding:

Date: next day
Value: 25,- €
Time: 16:30
Colours: orange and red
Text: Many Happy Returns

2. Copy Margaret Hall's address

  1. Search for and open Margaret Hall's account in Basis Home > Accountsexpand> suche Search or by pressing F10.
  2. Left-click the zwischenablage Clipboard icon in the horizontal toolbar to copy the complete address.
  3. Click on the Speichernexpandexpand arrow and select Speichern Schliessen Save and close.
  4. Close the list of accounts by left-clicking Speichern Schliessen Close in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

2. Paste the address into the letter

  1. Place your cursor right behind the label "Invoice address" and press Ctrl + V.
  2. The data from the clipboard will be inserted in the text.

A3 S2 Blumenbestellungjpg

 Aim 3  Send the order

You will learn how to send an order by email.

  1. Convert your letter into an email by selecting Medium  BriefexpandE Mail Email.
  2. The email address for Colleen's Flowers will be inserted automatically if there is one, but can be corrected manually if necessary.
  3. Click on the Speichernexpand expand arrow and select Speichern Schliessen Save and close.
  4. Note: In a live system you would send your email by clicking Senden Send in the horizontal toolbar.

You have now reached all the aims of Tutorial 3: You have ...

... created a new account and contact person

... used a mail template

... inserted address data from the clipboard

... sent an order.

Congratulations, good job!