Tutorials 2020 / 2021

Tutorial 2

Sending a Bulk Mailing



Level: Beginners
Duration: 30 to 40 min
The exercise can be saved and paused at any time.

Start Bp Event and log in as

User: Carolin

Password: cf

Carolin Fine works in the Banqueting Department of a family-run hotel, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. A number of events have been scheduled for a whole week of celebration. Now Carolin needs to send out a mass mailing to all regular customers, informing them of the occasion. All letters will be addressed personally.

Aims and learning outcomes

  1. Create a template for a bulk mailing
  2. Select recipients
  3. Assign template and print

 Aim 1  Create a template for a bulk mailing

You will learn how to copy an existing mail template and edit the body text.

Carolin has received the following email from the advertising agency:

We would like to invite you to a week of celebration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our hotel.There will be a week-long social programme for all age groups, culminating in a festive ball in our Mirror Room on Saturday night. Please refer to the enclosed leaflet for further details.

Early reservations for rooms and tables are advised, as we expect the evening to be fully sold out.

Prepare to be surprised and delighted at our Golden Anniversary Event!

1. Copy an existing bulk mail template

  1. In the function bar, go to the tab icon vorlagen Templates and left-click Briefvorlagen Text templates to start the suche Search.
  2. Select the template Bulk mail cold contacts for catering by a single left-click.
  3. Left-click Kopie Copy in the horizontal toolbar to open a copy of the original template.

A2 S1 Liste Textvorlagen

2. Edit the data

  1. Change the template Name to „Bulk mail 50th Anniversary“.
  2. Change the Subject line to „Golden Anniversary Celebration Week Riverside House Hotel“.
  3. On the Briefe Text tab, in middle of the horizontal toolbar, opt to Referenz  Show database references, meaning fields that will be filled automatically using data from the database. These are highlighted in grey in the text and MUST NOT be changed.
  4. Copy the text given above to your clipboard. Select the text, then right-click to open the context menu and select Copy or use the hotkey Ctrl+C.
  5. Select the template body text (between salutation and closing) and press Ctrl+V to paste the text from the clipboard into the mail template.
  6. Check the layout and adjust line breaks if necessary.
  7. Speichern Save and close the template.

A2 S2 Brief

Aim 2  Select recipients

You will learn how to select all the private accounts of regular customers, who are the target group for this mailing.

Search for accounts

  1. Go to the tab Basis Home > Adresse Accounts > suche Search and select Adresse Accounts. Practical tip
  2. In the bottom left hand corner of the input window, click on neu Advanced search.
  3. Search by category to limit the number of your search results. Open the search option Categories and select Private customer, then click on suche Search in the bottom righ-hand corner.
  4. A list with all accounts matching both categories will open.

A2 S3 Adresse selektieren

Aim 3  Print the bulk mail

You will learn how to print the bulk mail with personalised addresses and salutations for all recipients.

  1. The list of accounts is still open. In the horizontal toolbar, left-click Select an action to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Print bulk mail to open a list of available bulk mail templates.
  3. Double-click the template Bulk mail 50th Anniversary to select.
  4. For the purposes of this exercise only, DO NOT confirm the prompt „Do you really want to print x mails?“, but click on Cancel instead.
    Please note: When you actually print the mails, you will be prompted to assign a dated keyword for easier retrieval of all accounts that have received this bulk mailing.

A2 S4 Serienbrief drucken

You have now reached all the aims of Tutorial 2: You have ...

... created a new bulk mail template

... selected recipients from your database

... merged and printed a bulk mailing.

Congratulations, well done!