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Bp Event offers a variety of options for facilitating internal communication, such as internal messages, reminders or tasks, as well as the possibility of passing records directly to team members.

Create an internal message to one user

Internal messages are available exclusively for communication with other team members who also have access to Bp Event.

  1. Left-clicking the  mail 32 Internal messages icon in the top left-hand corner ("Quick Links") opens the inbox, with an option for changing to the outbox tab for sent messages.
  2. Create a new message by left-clicking the expand triangle mail 32 expand 32 > neu 32 New in the top function bar.
  3. Fill in the Subject line.
  4. In the left-hand input pane for Recipients, left-click neu 32 New to open a list of users and user groups.
  5. Select a user by double-clicking.
  6. Messages with a Prio hoch 32 High priority will be added to the reminder 32 Reminder lists of all recipients, who will additionally be notified by a pop-up message.
  7. Left-click Senden 32 Send in the horizontal toolbar to save and send the message.

Send an internal message to multiple users

Internal messages can be adressed to a random set of users, recipient lists or user groups. Messages can be sent either to the group as a whole or to each group member separately.

  1. Open the list of Recipients by left-clicking neu 32 New.
  2. Press down the Ctrl key and left-click multiple individual users, then meldung 32 Apply.
  3. Alternatively, select a user group by double-clicking it in the list. User groups are marked by a preceding "+" sign.
  4. To select a Verteilerliste 32 Distribution list, click on the expand triangle neu 32expand 32. Create distribution lists under  Briefe Communications >Verteilerliste 32 Distribution lists.
  5. If you would like every group member to receive the message independently of all others, opt to expand the user group. This means that every group member needs to open and delete the message individually.
    Example: All group members need to be aware that an event has been cancelled.
  6. If it is sufficient for one group member to receive and act on the message, opt to Leave as group. The message is "new" only so long as no-one has opened it. It is marked as "read" as soon as one group member openes it and needs to be deleted only once per group.
    Example: Group members take turns answering internal messages.
  7. Expand user groups or recipient lists after insertion by selecting the list and clicking on Gruppe Aufloesen Expand group.

Link an internal message to an existing record

Some records such as events, accounts or appointments allow for the creation of messages linked directly to these records.

  1. To create an internal message linked to an event or account, first open the record in question.
  2. Left-click mail 32 Internal Message in the horizontal toolbar. Depending on the kind of record you are working on, various linking options will be available.
  3. The subject line of the new message is prefilled with the most important details. All links to events, accounts etc. are displayed in the toolbar and can be opened directly by left-clicking.

Write the body text and reference records

Go to the mail General tab for the body of your message.

  1. Select a Briefvorlagen Template for your message by code or from a list (optional).
  2. Insert links to existing records within the text of the message by marking and right-clicking a word or text passage and selecting Verknuepfen 24 Link. From the available tables, select the record you would like to reference.
  3. Insert text snippets, images or timestamps in the same way.

Send attachments

Documents and files can be attached to internal messages.

  1. In the internal message, go to the Anhang 32 Attachments tab and click on  neu 32 New.
  2. A new entry window for document bundles will open.
  3. Enter a Name for the new document bundle.
  4. Click on neu 32expand 32datei 32 Attach files to insert external documents from your hard disk.
  5. Select neu 32expand 32dokumente 32 Attach general document to insert files from the  General Documents folder.
  6. Copy documents into other document bundles by clicking Kopieexpand 32 Copy > Dokumentenablage Copy to other bundle.
  7. Click on Speichern 32 Save > Speichern Schliessen 32 Save and close to close the document bundle, not the message itself.

Convert an internal message into an email

Internal messages can also be forwarded to external contacts, team members without access to Bp Event or self as emails.

  1. In the internal message, go to the General tab and click on Briefe Mail. Opt to send the message as either email or email attachment.
  2. User can also choose to have their own incoming messages forwarded to their email accounts on the icon optionen Options tab > icon optionen Settings.

Pass records

Open database records can be passed from one user to another along with a short remark.
Example: A phone call is passed on to a colleague along with the customer data.

  1. In the open record, click on Speichern 32 expand 32> Uebergeben 32 Save and pass.
  2. Select a user from the list of currently logged in users and meldung 32 Apply.
  3. The recipient is notified of the transfer and can either accept or reject the record.
  4. As soon as the record is opened by the recipient, the sender is notified.

Create tasks for team members

Tasks and reminders help keep everybody to schedule.
Example: The customer expects a call back from the service manager at 10am on Thursday.

  1. Go to Basis 32 Home meldung 32 Tasks or open a new task from within an existing record by clicking > Neu Aus 32 Newmeldung 32 Task.
  2. Enter a Subject, Date and Time (optional).
  3. Click on neu 32 New to select one or more recipients and meldung 32 Apply.
  4. The author of the task is automatically included in the list of recipients but can be removed manually.
  5. The task will be listed in the recipient's follow-ups in their infocenter Info Center, provided meldung 32 Tasks have been enabled as infocenter daten Data sources.
  6. Also set a reminder 32 Reminder to insert the taskinto the recipient's list of reminder 32 Reminders in their infocenter Info Center Quick Picks. The list of reminders cannot be hidden and is a safe way to ensure the recipient is aware of the task.
  7. Alternatively, click on mail 32 Internal Message in the horizontal toolbar to notify recipients of a new task.
  8. Click on Speichern 32 Save > Speichern Schliessen 32 Save and close.


*Multi-users module