Tutorials 2020 / 2021

Tutorial 4

Creating a Combo Item


Level: Advanced
Duration: 40 to 50 min
The exercise can be saved and paused at any time.

Start Bp Event and log in as

User: Carolin
Password: cf

Carolin Fine works in the banquet department of a family-run hotel. A new combo item is needed for an upcoming event. Carolin gets all her information from the head chef.

Aims and learning outcomes:

  1. Create a new item
  2. Add components to the item
  3. Enter a season
  4. Set a valid price
  5. Notify the head chef of the change

Carolin has received the following information from the head chef:

We need a new sales item for the Spanish-themed menu, which is going to be a summer staple from now on, starting from 1 July and ending on 31 August.
Item name: Spanish Food Specials
Item group: Buffet
Sales unit: per person
Price: € 24,80 gross per person (valid as of today)
All individual items are already available, you only need to create a combo item for the menu.


Spanish Food Specials


'Patatas Alioli' | Potatoes | Garlic | Herbs

'Tortilla Espanol' | Potato-Onion-Omelette

Marinated Octopus Salad | Olive-Herb-Vinaigrette

Serrano Ham | Melon

'Boquerones en Vinagre'
Marinated Anchovies | Flat-leaf Parsley | Garlic

Vine Tomatoes | Black Olives

Selection of Breads:
Baguette | Bread Rolls | Pretzels


'Paella Valenciana'
Saffron Rice | Diced Meat | Seafood

'Olla Podrida'
Chicken Breast | Jus | Potatoes | Fresh Vegetables


'Crema Catalana' | Fruit | Madalenas


Aim 1  Create a new item

You will learn how to create a new sales item.

1. Open a new item

  1. In the function bar, go to the tab Basis Home > artikelexpand  Items neu New to open an input window.
  2. In the name field, enter „Spanish Specials“. This is an internal search name.
  3. Under Group, select Foods > Buffet.
  4. For the Sales unit, click on the expandexpand arrow and select per person.

2. Enter item texts

There are four text fields available for item description for various uses. If the fields are not entered, they default to the item name as entered above.

  1. Under Full name, enter „Spanish Food Specials Buffet“. This text is used for invoices and internal worksheets.
  2. The Standard description can also be used for internal purposes but is not needed for this exercise.
  3. Speichern Save the item to copy the full name into the other text fields, where it can be edited manually.

A4 S1 ArtikelNeuanlage

 Aim 2  Adding components

You will learn how to add components to a combo item and insert headers.

1. Insert remarks for the headers

Remarks serve to break down and structure combo items and to insert text.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, left-click Komponenten Components to open a new input window.
  2. Click on neu expand and select Texte Remarks to insert an empty line. Practical tip
  3. Insert four lines and enter the following header texts: „Today we recommend“, „Starters“, „Main courses“ and „Dessert“.
  4. Right-click the lines and format the text  Textformatierung Fett Bold.
  5. To change the order of the lines by drag-and-drop, select the line you want to move, keep the Alt key and left mouse button pressed down and drag the line to its new place.
    Please note: The line is always inserted below the selected line. If you want to move a line into first position, drag the original first line down instead.
  6. Speichern Save the new item.

A4 S2 Komponenten

2. Add components

Components have multiple applications: for recipes, packages or individual variations on standard sales items. Set menus or buffets booked for events can be edited without detriment to the original sales items, which remain intact.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, click on Komponenten Components.
    Please note: All individual items needed for this exercise have already been created beforehand.
  2. Insert items by selecting the appropriate header remark and entering the first few letters of the item neu Name ("Pata") in the search field above the item list.
  3. Press Enter to confirm and insert the item below the selected line.
    Please note: If there are more than one matching entries, left-click the one you want.
  4. Repeat for all buffet items.
  5. Speichern Save the item.

3. Copy item descriptions from components

Item descriptions can be copied from individual components and edited as needed.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane of the item, go to artikel General.
  2. Right above the entry field Quotation description, click on artikel texteCopy texts and remarks.
  3. Expand the text field by clicking on zoom Zoom, which will give you additional formatting options.
    Please note: Set line breaks manually. For best results, insert a line break before ruler mark 30.
  4. Save input and close the text field by clicking OK.
  5. Speichern Save the item.

A4 S3 TextKomponenten

 Aim 3  Enter a season for the item

You will learn how to specify availability dates for seasonal items.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, go to artikel General.
  2. Next to the units, enter the name of the Season.
    Example: Summer campaign
  3. Enter the start date (01/07/YYYY) and end date (31/08/YYYY).
    Please note: If the item is booked out-of-season, a warning will pop up.
  4. Activate the button annual.
  5. Speichern Save the item.

Aim 4  Set a valid price

You will learn how to enter a price effective as of the current date.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, go to artikel General.
  2. In the bottom left-hand corner, set the price tier to SSP.
  3. Verify the VAT rate and change if necessary.
  4. In the list of prices, click on neu New to create a new price. The valid from date defaults to the current date.
  5. Enter € 24,80 in the Gross price column.
  6. Speichern Save the item.

 A4 S4 Preis Saison

Aim 5  Notify the head chef of the change

You will learn how to notify the head chef by internal message.

  1. In the horizontal toolbar of the item, left-click mail Internal message.
  2. Enter the subject line.
  3. Click on neu New recipient, select the head chef and meldung Apply.
  4. Enter your message to your chef.
  5. In the horizontal toolbar, left-click Senden Send.
  6. The new item is linked to the internal message and can be opened directly by clicking on the link in the toolbar.

You have now reached all the aims of Tutorial 4: You have ...

... created a new item

... added components to the item

... entered a season for the item

... set a valid price

... notified the head chef of the change.

Congratulations, well done!